Nenana Wellness Coalition

Minutes for November 18th 2008

Minutes taken by Miles

Chaired by Bonnie Reed

Meeting started at 12:20

Present were Miles, Rebecca and Bill, Mary Ellen, Bonnie, Tim Horn, Big Mike

Mission statement was not read

Prayer by Bill

The Pledge was recited


Tim spoke on the subject of envisioning wellness speakers. Kriss Capps will be speaking the 16th of December. Karen Lord is speaking this month November 24th A color poster needs to be printed and put up. Mary Ellen said she can do this.

The health fair is not on the agenda because not everyone is present who is involved.

We are all concerned by recent deaths of locals involving a house with few facilities where the water has been cut off. We discussed what can be done, with no solution, but will keep this issue and concern for these people in the house in our thoughts.

The Christmas bazaar the seniors put on is December 5th and 6th at the senior center.

Bill and Rebecca give a recycle report. We conclude after discussion that Jan will be the next best time to try to have one at the civic center. We need door prizes, and need to talk to the Ice Classic. The CVLI license the permit needed to show public movies in arriving soon. Maybe combine free cycle with movies. Undecided it might be to much going on, but also maybe doable.

Big Mike tells us there is now permission to walk the school on open gym nights Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-9 pm. This is in response to a need for a physical fitness program involving a place to walk.

Should we have organized caroling at Christmas time? The week of Christmas. Tuesday ? Tim was in charge last year and there were 12 singers . We need to do this after 6pm. We need to end up at Senior housing. No real final decisions made beyond this.

Operation Ho Ho Ho is still on, doing the gift food boxes for the needy in the community.

Mary Ellen says there is game night in Anderson December 5th . Anderson doing white elephant prizes. December 19th is gift exchange here in Nenana at George Hall. On the 23rd is the give away toys for the kids on Tuesday at 6:30.

Frank Gallo’s memorial potluck might have to be rethought because of the Burke funeral on the same day. Saturday Nov 22nd No one is sure how this is going to work out

The kids get out of school on the 19th for thanksgiving.

Meeting ends at 1:30.