Nenana Wellness Coalition

Minutes for November 6th 2007

Minutes taken by Miles

Chaired by Bonnie Reed

Meeting started at 12:15

Mary Ellen made us taco salad

Present were: Laura Vance, Bonnie Reed, Tim Horn, Mary Ellen Kanayurak, Miles Martin, David Poppe showed up mid-meeting.

Mission statement was read By Bonnie

Prayer by Tim

The Pledge was recited, yes indeed


Laura informs us the public health nurse. Felicia has seen an increased incidence of school children deliberately cutting themselves. Mostly the middle school, and this might be a trend or way to get attention. We need to be aware and deal with this.

She was asked how operation Ho Ho Ho is going and this is on track, and will happen as planned. This is the program Mental Health hosts where food boxes and useful things are handed out throughout the community to the needy at Christmas. If we know of anyone we think might be need to be on the list, we can give that name. We mentioned a couple of people we could think of.

Tim asked the group how we feel about an upcoming spring Health Fair, as was done last year. It is time to think about it if so. It was pointed out we had a good turn out for the blood test. We came to no decision and decided to table this and have it on the agenda later.

Miles asked about neighborhood watch. Rita Pierce was the spearhead and she and her family have moved to Fairbanks so the question is, who will be the energy behind this? It was pointed out the city has ordered neighborhood watch signs. If these arrive as expected, who will put them up? (and what will they mean?) In the open discussion that followed we agree we want the program to focus on the positive, good will side, of a watch program, rather then a punishment aspect. Mary Ellen suggested a spaghetti feed where we encourage the community to care about your neighbor. Though we discussed a lot of ideas, there were no specific decisions beyond a need to talk about this more later. Whoever sees Rita will ask her what her plans are concerning this program she was in charge of.

Mary Ellen suggested the community consider more dances, most specifically the Athabascan dance group. It sounds like Koot is back at the Living Center working with the Living Center kids on dance, but for now, this is not a community group. It sounds like there are some issues to deal with before such a group would be workable. Miles thought it might be nice to have such a group in summer at the Culture Center as part of our culture to offer the public. This could help fund any program started. Though no decision was made, it was good to have this on our minds

The river road and river diversion project was a subject of open discussion. There is a concern the big financial project of improving K street out behind the airport could be a waste of time. This is right where the railroad would get diverted if this project goes through as planned. Miles said the Mayor told him it does not matter. We can not make plans around what the railroad may or may not do, and funding for that railroad project is gone now, so this is more of a dream then a reality for now. It was noticed by David and Miles that the rock spurs dropped in the river as a land cut-bank saving effort seems to not be working well. The river hits this spur, spins away, but then comes back 100 ft further downstream much harder then if the spur was not there. Much land has fallen in the river as a result. More then if the spur was never put in. It is also noted it appears the river goes around the next bend differently then before the spur, and the current heads across the river from the dock. This seems to be causing the dock area to be silting in faster then if left alone. Tim pointed out this land has shifted over time as a natural process over the years. She recalls when young, visiting homes on the river-front that are now in the river.

Bonnie let us know the seniors went to Fairbanks on the bus today. We were informed by Bonnie as part of the senior report that Gene Spencer passed away. He was not healthy and was outside the state.

David tells us he is doing fire safety at their house and replacing old stove pipe.

Mary Ellen tells us there is a Tae Won Do meet in Fairbanks this coming weekend, but also the Ice Cream Classic here in Nenana at the same time. We are unsure of when the next city council meeting will be. It has been postponed twice we think? Mary Ellen had planed on attending regularly, but stopped because of the meeting postponements and how hard that is to deal with when needing a baby sitter.

Sunday and Monday are Bahai’i holy days so in celebration there is a gathering at the Horns on Sunday at 7pm and Monday at noon. There will be food and a movie.

Tuesday the 20th is school lunch day for the community, not to be confused with the living center community meal on the 13th which is the monthly event. (Huh?) The city council meeting might be on the 13th, as our best guess.

After pointing out and solving all the world’s problems, the meeting adjourned at 12:55