Nenana Wellness Coalition

Minutes for November 13th 2007

Minutes taken by Miles

Chaired by Bonnie Reed

Meeting started 12:15

Present were Miles Martin and Bonnie Reed

Mission statement was read By Bonnie

Prayer by Bonnie

The Pledge was recited Yes

Due to the fact that only two people made the meeting Bonnie and Miles had an informal discussion. We discussed upcoming events previously addressed by WIN. We reviewed the names of those who have attended meetings regularly in the past, who have not been to a meeting in a while. Rob from the school for example has two jobs now and this makes it harder for him to attend our meetings. Bonnie talked about the seniors and the upcoming senior bazaar they put on. The exact date is still an issue because the civic center might be needed by the court for a hearing or trial on the dates the bazaar is planned.

Meeting ends at 12:45