Nenana Wellness Coalition

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

(Across from Post Office)

The Nenana Wellness Coalition is an alliance of representatives from various organizations, government agencies, community groups and individuals that meets weekly to discuss and help implement plans for improving the wellness and quality of life in Nenana.

Those present are: Suzanne Hill, Kimberly Ulery, Brianna Ketzler, Sheryl Turner, Tara, Bonnie Reed, Miles Martin, Mary Alexander, Beverly Joseph


SPIRITUAL MOMENT: Led by Bonnie Reed


Introduction of Guests:


New Business:
1.RHS Scholarship: Kim read the description. Are there requirements about having a criminal background or maybe just barrier crimes? Beverly spoke on having a certificate in that area and shared on her experience with that. Beverly Joseph would love to be an elder for the RHS program.

2.Land Acknowledgement: Miles said he mentioned something to Donald Charlie after our meeting last week. He mentioned that maybe it go to the tribe and talk with them about the times long ago. Talked about Diptheria and how there was no serum. Would like to be a positive time, not a negative thing. What good things about that time? Kim asked what term we should use for the land we are on? Tara said the land belongs to the Toghotthele people. Donald may be a good go between to take it to the tribe.

Old Business:
1.Nenana Centennial Celebration: Sheryl talks about planning on July 28th. $1,000 from Ice Classic which is gone. Lots of people have been donated their time which has been great. Entertainment will be: Students of the school and Mr. Mudge and Principal Huntington (Older kids will write a short story or essay; life in 1921 in Nenana, 100 years later; and what will it be in 100 years and will give awards 7pm-9pm) Younger kids will be given a coloring contest 1921, now and 100 years from now and awards). She said instead of a committee meeting, just giving each group their own thing. Dinner at 630ish. Dream to have everything donated and from Nenana. A cow has been donated, someone else will cook the cow(David and Kat)(Coralee), mashed potatoes which potatoes have been donated(Ashcroft)(Bridget Sutton will mash), Big M-Donated any fruits and veggies that people picked carrots and beets(Rick Turner),Karen Harvey making dinner rolls and providing butter, Railbelt is donating Cake made by Flower Girls, Drinks-Bottled water, Crystal Light, $644 from Chili Cook off has pretty much been budgeted, Open House 4pm-6pm, Annette $200 for pictures and frames, Tallon is getting the gold, white or navy table cloths, dishes are white with gold rim, silverware is gold, napkins are gold, white, navy, Planning for 300. Don’t have coffee or tea, Brianna is going to do Native Dance Group, Sheryl talked about wanting Elders to story tell and maybe do other types of songs, maybe talking $600 for pictures (Curtis Matty for framing)
Activity like the first or second week of October: Bizarre? People donate items, still have items left from previous auction, Principal Huntington talked about a possible Talent Show or Karoake, 2 years from now some kind of Celebration about the Railroad and driving in the golden spike and then 2 years after that the Serum Run. Any ideas on how to make moose soup/stew? (Brian Charlie, Norman Richards)

Kim mentioned about our conversation from last week. Tim mentioned that life then was not so easy. Brianna spoke on having individual conversations with Elders about how they are feeling about the bash. Sheryl mentioned that that is not what the bash is. That it is just about the incorporation of Nenana. It isn’t about the flu or what anyone else was going through. Miles mentioned it is part of the history. Did the tribe give permission on the incorporation? Was anything in writing that we could present? Miles mentioned that our group is about Wellness

2.Dancing in the Streets: Miles mentioned that he has people to donate food but hasn’t had a chance to talk to Mike. Virgina Young, Miles Martin can donate. Reach out to Spencers. Will talk with Mike. Kimberly mentioned talking to Tallon. He mentioned it might be a good idea to do the bonfire on the old sawdust pile. We need permission and also need the fire dept on board. Food individual packaged. Zoom component for Dancing in the Streets. Tara said the ones that stick with her are the ones where people have shared stories. Maybe a projector, talking circle around the fire. Minto Recovery Camp.? We talked about Indian Tacos, but still talk with Mike and see what he is thinking.

WELLNESS THOUGHT: We gather today in gratitude for the bounty of the land, the joyful company around this table, and all the other blessings of this life. -Jonathan Lockwood Huie